I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with the planning, set up, and execution of the W/L wedding and reception on September 3rd 2016. I can’t imagine it going any better than what it did. I believe that we gave the newlyweds a truly memorable afternoon and evening. My new son-in-law has said to me that it was the best day of his life. You all helped make that possible. There were some questionable times for us after talking with Ernie, then losing him as a contact person and organizer. Also after setting up food options and choices with Charles, and then seeing him go. Turns out neither of these changes came into play or made a difference, as the people in place now took right over and made everything seamless going forward. It was a big relief for Brett and Cassandra, who did most of their own planning, and for all of us parents too. Kudos to you all for that.

The evening of the event I saw nothing but hustle from all of your staff members. Mark and Steve were nonstop from start to finish, from help with the ceremony and timing to wrapping things up at the end of the evening and the following morning. The wait staff and pourers exhibited the same work ethic and hustle too. They did not go unnoticed. The food was great, every bit as good as what we tried when we made our selections. I have not gotten a single negative comment or bad response about the food and the quality of it from anyone that attended.

I think that you should all be proud of what you did for us. The venue is just grand, a great classy looking place. We thoroughly enjoyed the time that we spent there, as did our guests. I have gotten a lot of compliments from attendees for having our event at your establishment.

I would easily, without hesitation, recommend you all and the Plum Brook Country Club to anyone that might be looking for a special place to hold an event. Please feel free to share this letter with members of the club and the Board or directors. Once again, many thanks to you all.
Father of the Bride, M.L.